Travel Tips


Contact Us Before Traveling or Enter Travel Information in our App!

If you have a Howard State Bank Debit Card and are headed out of the local area, give us a call to let us know. One of the ways we protect you is to block suspicious transactions, including unexpected out-of-town purchases and all foreign country transactions. If you are traveling out of the country, we can allow foreign transactions for the duration of your trip. Your call will save you the inconvenience of having your card declined. Contact us at any of our locations: Howard 620-374-2127, Moline 620-647-3263, Sedan 620-725-3181, Cedar Vale 620-725-3181. If you are traveling in the U.S. and are unable to use your debit card, call Fiserv fraud operations at 800-472-3272. You can also make your travel request via our Mobile App! Click on the Cards Icon in the app and then Manage Travel Plans!

Clean Out Your Wallet

Carrying a lot of credit and debit cards on vacation only increases the likelihood that one of them will become lost or stolen. Take only what you need, and make sure your limits are high enough to cover all expenses. Extra tip: Find out your daily withdrawal limit before you leave.

Be Aware of Surroundings

Always be mindful of your personal security when accessing an ATM. Put your money and your card away immediately after making a withdrawal. Extra tip: If you can’t find an ATM and need cash, ask for cash back when you use your debit card for purchases at retail locations.

Monitor Your Account Frequently

Checking your account balance is a great way to combat fraud. Set up alerts through our online banking site and check your account balances as often as you'd like.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card Immediately

Call any of our locations during normal business hours or call Fiserv at  800-472-3272 after hours.

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